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Body Waxing

Arms - $61

Full Arm Wax, Shoulder to Wrist, both Arms..

Underarms - $27

Super popular service. Get those underarms bare of hair. Keeps the hair coming back fine and no more everyday shaving.

Back Upper - $34

Top Half of your back. 

Mid Back - $34

Mid Section of your back.

Lower Back - $29

Lower Half of your back.

Full Back - $77

Full back area. 

Chest Half - $30

Half of your Chest Area. Top or Bottom.

Chest Full - $40

Full Chest Area. 

Shoulders - $31

It's time to show off those shoulders. Get them smooth and bare with the service.

Inner Thigh - $24

The inside of the thighs. 

Butt Strip - $23

Waxing of the inner butt strip. 

Full Butt - $37

Full Wax of the inner butt strip and butt cheeks.  

Stomach Strip - $18

Under the belly button down. 

Stomach Full - $39

Full Belly Wax. Under the chest down. 

Upper Thigh - $61

Upper thigh area of your leg, ends at knee.

Lower Leg - $50

Top of the knee, down to the ankle. 

Full Leg - $112

Both legs, fully waxed 

Bikini Waxing


Bikini Line - $30

Super basic clean up. We wax the sides (known as your panty line) and across the top. 

Bikini Full - $56

This is your chance to take as much or as little off the front. You may ask to leave a small "strip", triangle, square or go all the way bare. Butt Strip not included.

Bikini Brazilian - $66

Request your front design and take it all the way to the back, including Butt Strip. You may ask to leave a small "strip", triangle, square or go all the way bare.


Manzilian - $80

- Scrotum 

- Penis

- Perineum 

- Butt Strip

All pubic hair can be removed or left based on preference. Full Butt, Abdomen or other areas can be added on to service.

* All Body Wax Services Available for Men. This is just the specialized one. 

Facial Waxing

Lip Wax - $13

Upper Lip Wax.

Ears - $16

Chin - $13

Eyebrow Wax - $24 (Includes Waxing & Shaping)


Nostril Wax - $15

Inside of your nose, breathe a bit better.


Sideburns - $16

Side of face.


Full Face - $57 (Does NOT include Full Eyebrow Fill in Service, Includes Waxing & Shaping) 

WAX PASS | Three Wax Service Package. Must be same service. Expires one year from service date. To book and use package, choose "USE MY ___ WAX PASS". 


MEMBER PRICING | 15% Off Full Body Waxing      

How to Prepare for Waxing

  • Shower Prior to Wax appointment.

  • Hair Length should be about 1/4th of an inch.

  • Please resist the urge to shave in between sessions.

  • Gently exfoliate skin. 

  • Bring along comfortable panties for after.

  • Relax, this is going to be great.

        Wax Aftercare 

  • EXFOLIATE 3-4 Days AFTER your wax.

  • After your first session, we recommend every 3-4wks, or once hair is 1/4 of an inch long.

  • Do you want to Work Out or have Sex after a wax? Please wait 24hrs after appointment to allow any irritation to subside.

  • Spray Tanning should be done 24hrs AFTER your wax. If you are someone who waxes regularly, a spray tan right after will be ok. 

  • We take every precaution to be sure that your skin is fully cared for during and after appointment. If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to call or text us. 

SALON | Bronzed Humanity, 1029 Blossom Hill Rd #4 San Jose, Ca, 95123

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An Exclusive month to month VIP Membership at Bronzed Humanity.

This all inclusive Membership includes the following features:

- $25/Month (No commitment, Cancel anytime)

- $39 Spray Tans (Normally $56+)

- Free Rapid Solution Upgrade

- 15% off on ALL services!

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