Recommended if you are coming from another lash artist or have questions about rather or not Lash Extensions would be good for you and your lashes. We can also do a patch test at this time. A quick 15min consultation to discuss what you are looking for and when would be the best time to get the lash service you want. 

CLASSIC FULL SET- $150 (Member Pricing $120)

Looking for a Beautiful New Set of Lash Extensions applied by an experienced artist that cares about the health of your lashes?

This is the service you are looking for....we are excited to give you flirty and beautiful lashes. 

2-3 WEEK CLASSIC FILL - $70 (Member Pricing $56)

Come in 2-3 Weeks after your last appointment. A quick 1.5 hour Classic Fill and you're back to Full Beautiful Lashes.

MINI CLASSIC FILL - $50 (Member Pricing $40)

This quick 40 Minute Classic Fill is for those who come in 8 days or less after last fill. 

HYBRID FULL SET - $195 (Member Pricing $175)

A beautiful mix between classic and volume lashes. Flirty and wispy, perfect for those who want voluminous lashes but not over the top.

2-3 WEEK HYBRID FILL -$95 (Member Pricing $76)

Fill in any gaps or missing Hybrid lashes. This timing is recommended as it keeps lashes looking their best. 

MINI HYBRID FILL - $65 (Member Pricing $52)

This quick 50 Minute Hybrid Lash Fill is for those who come in 8 days or less after last fill.

VOLUME FULL SET - $250 (Member Pricing $200)

A beautiful set of  volume lashes. Full and Dramatic Look. Handmade Fans done by a Licensed Lash Artist.

2-3 WEEK VOLUME FILL -$120 (Member Pricing $96)

Fill in any gaps or missing Volume lashes. This timing is recommended as it keeps lashes looking the most full. Handmade Fans done by a Licensed Lash Artist.

MINI VOLUME FILL - $80 (Member Pricing $64)

This quick 50 Minute Volume Lash Fill is for those who come in 8 days or less after last fill.

LASH LIFT - $75 (Member Pricing $60)

Elleebana is an advanced technique designed to boost and lift the lash. It's a powerful alternative to using an eyelash curler,

no more crimping or damage. Lash lifts usually last about 6-8 weeks depending on your natural eyelash shedding cycle. 


Proper removal of your Eyelash Extensions. Should be done by a professional so your natural lashes are not harmed.



An Exclusive month to month VIP Membership at Bronzed Humanity.

This all inclusive Membership includes the following features:

- $20/Month

- $29 Spray Tans (Normally $45)

- 20% Off Lash & Waxing Services 

- $20 Off Signature Facials

- 15% Off Retail

Lash Extension Preparation -

  • Please show up to appointment with NO mascara or makeup around the eyes.

  •  If possible, NO mascara for 24 hours before the lash extension appointment is best.

  •  Eyelashes should be free of any oils or adhesive.

Lash Extension Aftercare -

  •  Do Not wash eyes or expose to water for 24hrs.

  •  Avoid Steam & Sweat for 24hrs.

  •  Avoid strong heat such as an oven or BBQ as heat can loosen eyelash glue.

  •  Do Not rub or pull on extensions

  • Avoid oil-based and waterproof mascaras/makeup removers. Please use Eyelash Extension recommended mascaras.

  • Do NOT use an eyelash curler on extensions.

  • Clean extensions with an oil-free cleansers everyday. (We have one in Salon for $18)

  • Book a fill appointment every 2-4 weeks. 

Lash Lift Aftercare -

  • Avoid Steam, Heat, Oils, Lotions and Makeup for the first 24hrs.

  • Clean your lashes with Oil Free Cleanser Daily.

  • Side Sleepers, be careful the first couple of nights and sleep on back as much as possible. 

  • Book a New Lash Lift every 6-8wks

BRAND | BELLALASH : Synthetic Mink | Classic, Hybrid & Volume Lash Sets Available.

SALON | Bronzed Humanity, 7420 S. RURAL RD B7 TEMPE, AZ 85283

By Appointment:

*Luxury Spray Tans

*Lash Services

*Full Body Waxing

*Brow Henna

*Brow Lamination

*All Natural Facials

*Semi-Permanent Makeup

Bronzed Humanity has two locations,

San Jose, CA & Tempe, AZ.

We provide upscale customer service, natural spray tans, eyelash extensions, brow henna, body waxing, all natural facials and a luxurious environment.

We can't wait to meet you.









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