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Bridal Spray Tan | Bronzed Humanity
Bridal Spray Tan | Bronzed Humanity
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Bridal Services


Welcome to Bronzed Humanity's Bridal Page. We want to make it as least stressful as possible on you when booking our Salon Services. Below we explain when to come get each service and how long before the big day.


30 Days

Bridal Consultation - Includes Spray Tan Consult, we will also help you book out your waxing appointments if needed. (This is a great time to stop shaving if you plan on waxing). 

3 Weeks 


Spray Tan Trial - This is important if it is your first time spray tanning or you would like to see the color prior to your big day. (This is a great time to schedule one for either Bachelorette or Bridal Shower)

2 Weeks Preparation

Pay attention to how your spray tan wears, where does it fade? how does it fade? Did you like the color?

Keep up with hydrating and moisturizing your skin at least twice a day. 

Exfoliate to keep areas of wax happy. 

1 Week - 1-2 Days Prior to Wedding Day - Order of Services. 

1. Bridal Spray Tan


Trio of Spray Tans for Bride: $115

Three Full Body All Natural Custom Spray Tans. We usually recommend a Trial, Big Day Wedding Spray and Maybe one for the Honeymoon, Engagement Shoot or Bridal Shower.

Bride + Bridesmaids Spray Tan Party: $100+

Champagne (or Juice). A Good Time. Perfect All Natural Full Body Spray Tans. Brides who bring in their Bridesmaids get a Special Price. Inquire about special pricing.

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