Frequently Asked Questions


Where is BRONZED HUMANITY located?

Bronzed Humanity Headquarters is in San Jose, California. Address: 1029 Blossom Hill Rd #4 San Jose, CA 95123 We are in the same parking lot as Mattress Firm and Dunn Edwards.

What Forms of Payment does BRONZED HUMANITY take?

We take cash, card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex), Zelle, Apple Pay and Venmo. Tipping is appreciated, though it is always optional.

What services does BRONZED HUMANITY offer?

Luxury, Custom, All Natural Spray Tanning, Eyelash Extensions, Natural Facial, Brow Henna, Brow Lamination and Body Waxing. We use only the most natural and high end products on the market. Book an appointment and experience what Bronzed Humanity is all about.


We love what we do and we are happy to have you apart of our business. People like you are the reason we get to do what we love. Passionate about business and high quality custom, all natural services, we believe in treating people with love and great customer service. You can count on feeling awesome when you leave. We can't thank you enough for making an appointment, writing a review or just sharing our business. ~ Lauren & Megan


What Do I Wear During and After Bronzed Humanity Spray Tan?

During: As little or as much as you want. Bronzed Humanity provides a disposable thong if you want to see tan lines or you may use your own (the solution doesn’t stain). Most of our clients go completely nude. Men are required to wear bottoms/speedos. After:
Wear loose-fitting, dark clothing (preferably cotton), and sandals. You aren't going to want to wear a bra, or anything that is going to rub on your skin right after your tan. See more instructions on our Spray Tan Prep Page.

How Long Will Each Spray Tan Session Take?

Bronzed Humanity’s Luxury Full Body Spray Tan Sessions typically take about 20 minutes (4 minutes to Spray). We schedule New Client appointments for 30 minutes. The spray tan itself will last 7-10 days.

How Long Does a Bronzed Humanity Spray Tan Last?

If taken care of properly a Bronzed Humanity Luxury Spray Tan can last up to 10 days. We teach you how to care for it and make it last. The more natural the products, the better.

What All Natural Solution Does Bronzed Humanity Use?

We use only the highest quality and best solution on the market; All Natural Solution. Sjolie. Customized Color for your Skin.

Does Bronzed Humanity Contour The Body?

All Spray Tan artists at Bronzed Humanity are trained at body contouring and airbrush techniques, all can subtly shift the tanning palette to respond to your body’s contours, minimizing “trouble” areas while highlighting your natural assets. This helps make you feel ten pounds lighter, oh the magic of spray tans!

I Want a Luxury Mobile Spray Tan! Where is Bronzed Humanity and How Far Do You Travel?

We want to tan you! Bronzed Humanity's Salon is located at 1029 Blossom Hill Rd #4 San Jose, Ca 95123. For Mobile services we travel up to 20 miles from our home base on our standard pricing, there must be three or more people. If we have to go farther there may be a travel fee added, send us a message and we can get a quote for you!

Can I Hold my Child After a Spray Tan?

Yes you can! You will want to be careful why the Spray Tan is developing, too much skin to skin contact CAN transfer onto other skin. After your first rinse, no transfer will happen at all. If you are breastfeeding, please let your Spray Tan Artist know so we can prep your nipple area correctly for a spray tan.


How Do I Prepare for My Lash Appointment?

Please arrive to your lash appointment with nothing on or around your eyes, no makeup or residue. We do have face wash in salon if you need to clean your lashes right before your appointment.

What is the Difference Betweeen Classic, Hybrid & Volume Lashes?

Classic - Most natural of the different sets. This application is one lash extension to one natural lash. This is great for beginners or for someone who would like a more natural set. Hybrid - The are fluffy and a mixture of individual lashes and handmade fans. This is slightly fuller then the classic look and a beautiful textured look. Volume - This set is done by an artist who has tons of practice creating lash fans by hand. This technique takes skill and a bit longer to apply. These are a fan (2-5 lashes together) applied to each individual lash, creating a beautiful, dramatic look. This set is best for those who like a fuller look.


How do you prepare for Body Waxing?

-Shower Prior to Wax appointment. -Hair Length should be about 1/4th of an inch. -Please resist the urge to shave in between sessions. -Gently exfoliate skin. -Bring along comfortable panties for after. -Relax, this is going to be great.

What is Body Wax Aftercare?

-EXFOLIATE 3-4 Days AFTER your wax. Use a natural exfoliant to prevent in grown hairs. -After your first session, we recommend every 3-4wks, or once hair is 1/4 of an inch long. -Do you want to Work Out or have Sex after a wax? Please wait 24hrs after appointment to allow any irritation to subside. -Spray Tanning should be done 24hrs AFTER your wax if this is your first wax. If you have been waxed before, Spray Tanning can be done after wax appointment. -We take every precaution to be sure that your skin is fully cared for during and after appointment. If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to call or text us.