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Here you will find our Luxury Spray Tans, Lash Extension, Natural Facials and Body Waxing Price & Service options, located in San Jose, California. Please don't hesitate to call or message us with any questions.

We look forward to working with you. 


*Bronzed Humanity recommends getting a Spray Tan 48 hours before an Event or Vacation. Your Spray Tan will last 7-10 days.*
























All Natural Glow. Each session includes a custom color using our all natural solution, body contour and a full explanation on how to keep it on for 7-10 days. If this is your very FIRST spray tan ever, please book that service as we will take you through every step to ensure everything is perfect. We also offer the New Client Special to every new client which is 3 Spray Tans for $119, that do not expire. 

LEGS - $35 

Get the Glow on just your legs. Perfect for dresses and when you want to show off your stems. Any Solution.

BH PACKAGE | Buy 3 Get 1 Free - $165  

Four Full Body Luxury All Natural Spray Tans.  Any Solution, in Salon. Packages do NOT expire.

Bronzed Humanity | Tan Parties - $50-$100+

Get your friends together and come by our beautiful Salon or Invite us over (we promise to bring wine). This package is always fun as a Girls Night or Bridesmaid Get Together...of course Spray Tanning with your friends for any reason is fun. Have an idea and want to discuss, Contact Us, we love to plan a good time.

Please check out all of our Preparation Instructions prior to your Spray Tan. 


An Exclusive month to month VIP Membership at Bronzed Humanity.

This all inclusive Membership includes the following features:

- $20/Month

- $34 Spray Tans (Normally $55)

- 20% Off Lash, Brow & Waxing Services

- $20 Off Signature Facials 

- 15% Off Retail



All Natural 

- Full Body Spray Tan 

- Custom Color 

- Body Contour 

- 8hr & Rapid Available

- All Natural Solution | Light>Dark





3 Spray Tans

- 3 Full Body Spray Tans

- Custom Color 

- Body Contour

- Any Solution

- All Natural Solution | Light>Dark 

- Does NOT Expire/First Time Clients





First Time Spray Tan

- Spray Tan Consultation

- Custom Color | All Solutions

- Body Contour

- Thorough Aftercare Instructions

- Skincare Suggestions





Recommended if you are coming from another lash artist or have questions about rather or not Lash Extensions would be good for you and your lashes. We can also do a patch test at this time. A quick 15min consultation to discuss what you are looking for and when would be the best time to get the lash service you want. 

CLASSIC FULL SET- $155 (Member Pricing $125)

Looking for a Beautiful New Set of Lash Extensions applied by an experienced artist that cares about the health of your lashes?

This is the service you are looking for....we are excited to give you flirty and beautiful lashes. 

MINI CLASSIC FILL - $50 (Member Pricing $40)

This quick 40 Minute Classic Fill is for those who come in 8 days or less after last fill. 

2-3 WEEK CLASSIC FILL - $74 (Member Pricing $59)

Come in 2-3 Weeks after your last appointment. A quick 1 hour Classic Fill and you're back to Full Beautiful Lashes.

3-4 WEEK CLASSIC FILL - $100 (Member Pricing $80)

Did you miss your 2-3 week classic lash fill and you have 30% or more of your lashes yet and don't quite need a full set?! This is the service you are looking for. 

HYBRID FULL SET - $198 (Member Pricing $160, *Master Artist Pricing $225)

A beautiful mix between classic and volume lashes. Flirty and wispy, perfect for those who want voluminous lashes but not over the top.

MINI HYBRID FILL - $70 (Member Pricing $56)

This quick 50 Minute Hybrid Lash Fill is for those who come in 8 days or less after last fill.

2-3 WEEK HYBRID FILL -$98 (Member Pricing $78, *Master Artist Pricing $110)

Fill in any gaps or missing Hybrid lashes. This timing is recommended as it keeps lashes looking their best. 

3-4 WEEK HYBRID FILL - $127 (Member Pricing $101.50, *Master Artist Pricing $143)

Did you miss your 2-3 week Hybrid lash fill and you have 30% or more of your lashes yet and don't quite need a full set?! This is the service you are looking for. 

VOLUME FULL SET - $255 (Member Pricing $205, *Master Artist Pricing $290)

A beautiful set of volume lashes. Full and Dramatic Look. Handmade Fans done by a Licensed Lash Artist.

MINI VOLUME FILL - $90 (Member Pricing $72)

This quick 50 Minute Volume Lash Fill is for those who come in 8 days or less after last fill.

2-3 WEEK VOLUME FILL -$125 (Member Pricing $100, *Master Artist Pricing $140)

Fill in any gaps or missing Volume lashes. This timing is recommended as it keeps lashes looking the most full. Handmade Fans done by a Licensed Lash Artist.

3-4 WEEK VOLUME FILL - $155 (Member Pricing $124, *Master Artist Pricing $183)

Did you miss your 2-3 week Volume lash fill and you have 30% or more of your lashes yet and don't quite need a full set?! This is the service you are looking for. 

LASH LIFT - $78 (Member Pricing $62)

Elleebana is an advanced technique designed to boost and lift the lash. It's a powerful alternative to using an eyelash curler, no more crimping or damage. Lash lifts usually last about 6-8 weeks depending on your natural eyelash shedding cycle. 


Proper removal of your Eyelash Extensions. Should be done by a professional so your natural lashes are not harmed.

*Master Artist - A Master Artist at Bronzed Humanity is someone who has been lashing proficiently for over five years. Chelsea H. is our Master Artist in San Jose, Ca.


Body Waxing

Arms - $58

Full Arm Wax, Shoulder to Wrist.

Underarms - $18

Super popular service. Get those underarms bare of hair. Keeps the hair coming back fine and no more everyday shaving.

Back Upper - $20

Top Half of your back. 

Mid Back - $20

Mid Section of your back.

Lower Back - $20

Lower Half of your back.

Full Back - $55

Full back area. 

Chest Half - $20

Half of your Chest Area. Top or Bottom.

Chest Full - $33

Full Chest Area. 

Shoulders - $23

It's time to show off those shoulders. Get them smooth and bare with the service.

Inner Thigh - $22

The inside of the thighs. 

Butt Strip - $17

Waxing of the inner butt strip. 

Full Butt - $37

Full Wax of the inner butt strip and butt cheeks.  

Stomach Strip - $10

Under the belly button down. 

Stomach Full - $28

Full Belly Wax. Under the chest down. 

Upper Thigh - $60

Upper thigh area of your leg, ends at knee.

Lower Leg - $43

Top of the knee, down to the ankle. 

Full Leg - $105

Both legs, fully waxed 

Bikini Waxing


Bikini Line - $28

Super basic clean up. We wax the sides (known as your panty line) and across the top. 

Bikini Full - $54

This is your chance to take as much or as little off the front. You may ask to leave a small "strip", triangle, square or go all the way bare. Butt Strip not included.

Bikini Brazilian - $60 

Request your front design and take it all the way to the back, including Butt Strip. You may ask to leave a small "strip", triangle, square or go all the way bare.


Manzilian - $78

- Scrotum 

- Penis

- Perineum 

- Butt Strip

All pubic hair can be removed or left based on preference. Full Butt, Abdomen or other areas can be added on to service.

* All Body Wax Services Available for Men. This is just the specialized one. 

Facial Waxing

Lip Wax - $13

Upper Lip Wax.

Ears - $12

Eyebrow Wax - $22 (Includes Waxing & Shaping)


Nostril Wax - $12

Inside of your nose, breathe a bit better.


Sideburns - $12

Side of face.


Full Face - $42 (Does NOT include Full Eyebrow Fill in Service, Includes Waxing & Shaping) 



Natural Brow Tinting

Brow Henna - $38 (Member Pricing $30)

All Natural Henna for your Eyebrows. Elleebana. Custom Color. Tints skin for 1-2 weeks. Lasts up to 6 Weeks on Hair. Custom shape and color depth discussed prior to application. *Performed by a Licensed Esthetician. Add this on to your lash or wax service.

*Brow Henna and Brow Lamination CANNOT be performed at the same time. 

Brow Lamination - $99 (Member Pricing $85)

Brow lamination is a keratin treatment that slicks the hairs up in a desired direction and shape allowing the brows to appear fuller, thicker and shaped to perfection. Service takes 45 mins. Results lasts 6-8 weeks, fabulous brows in a quick brush up. 

Prepare for Lamination |

Arrive with no product on brows. Please avoid retinol and acids one week prior to Brow Lamination Service. 




All Natural


Bronzed Humanity's all natural facials are aimed at keeping your skin fresh and healthy. We help create a customized facial to protect it from the harsh environment and free radicals. 

Includes : Deep Cleanse, Eye Treatment, Exfoliation, Extraction, Mask, Moisturizer. 

Products Customized to Skin Type.


All Natural Facial _ Bronzed Humanity


All Natural - Mini Facial

Looking for a quick skin pick me up? Say hello to our Mini Facial that gets you in and out all while giving you a beautiful hydrated glow. 

Includes: Cleanse, Eye Treatment, Exfoliation, Mask & Moisturizer



Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 9.09.38 PM.png


All Natural - Detox/Relax

Let us  get ready for tank top and sun dress weather with a brightening, exfoliating and relaxing back facial. 

This Back Facial includes a detoxifying wash, exfoliating scrub, Custom (Based on your Skin Needs) Hydro Jelly Mask and Moisturizer. 





All Natural Treatments

Let Bronzed Humanity help you prep for your big day, check out our Bridal Page for all our Bride Specific Services.





Looking for an All in One Facial?! Our custom Deluxe Facial includes a Deep Cleanse, Exfoliation/Enzyme, Microdermabrasian, Galvanic + Extractions, Face Massage, Hydro Jelly Mask + LED Light, Lite Arm & Hand Massage, Serums, Moisturizer and SPF. 

$155 - 90 Minutes


*Add any of these services onto your Facial* 


A skin treatment that helps with fine lines, wrinkles, acne, dark spots, scarring and large pores.



Let our Licensed Professionals help you find the light that would benefit your skin type and concerns. 

Red Light - Boosts the amount of energy stored in your cells. Helps regenerate and repair damaged cells. Combats wrinkles, dark spots and reduces inflammation. Tightens, Firms and increases circulation.

Green Light - Reduces Melanin production and pigmentation. Reduces redness. Smooths and Brightens. Promotes healing.

Blue Light - Acne Maintenance. Proven to kill a type of a acne causing bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes). Targets sebaceous glands. Minimizes redness and irritation. 


A Hydrojelly mask is a "jelly-like" mask that provides multiple benefits to your skin such as hydration, brightening, toning, firming and reducing inflammation to name a few. They also help lock in nutrients from serums. A custom mask will be determined by your esthetician based on your skin wants and needs.

By Appointment:

*Luxury Spray Tans

*Lash Services

*Full Body Waxing

*Brow Henna

*Brow Lamination

*All Natural Facials

*Semi-Permanent Makeup

Bronzed Humanity has two locations,

San Jose, CA & Tempe, AZ.

We provide upscale customer service, natural spray tans, eyelash extensions, brow henna, body waxing, all natural facials and a luxurious environment.

We can't wait to meet you.









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